Design & manufacture of
Central lighting inverter

Crucial Power Products was founded in 1997, located on Los Angeles, CA. Our Inverters are in operation throughout the US in a wide range of applications, including retail stores, schools, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, banks, movie theaters, hotels, airports, railroads, subways, tunnels, prisons, military bases, shopping centers and manufacturing plants.

Product Portfolio

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Central Lighting Inverter

Single Phase (200W to 17 KW)image

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OSHPD Certified Central Lighting Inverter

Single Phase (2.1KW to 17 KW), Three Phase (8KW to 50 KW) image

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Central Lighting Inverter

Three Phase (8 to 400kW)image

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Harsh Environment Inverter

Size from 2.1kW to 17kWimage

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Global Monitoring Systemimage

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Battery Monitoring Systemimage

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Trey Michael, I just wanted to let you know what a great experience it was to deal with you and Crucial Power in getting this unit to us so quickly. It was amazing that we received the unit a week after ordering. Crucial Power in getting this unit to us so quickly Your service department also did a great job by starting it as soon it was ready so the Disney restaurant could open on schedule.

David C., Western Florida Lighting